Hurricane Forecast Model Output, a product of the Tropical Cyclone and Severe Storms Research Group, UW-Milwaukee, Prof. Clark Evans.

Example KML Plot

Example Google Maps Display of Hurricane Dolores (2015) Model Tracks Southwest of Baja California

Many of the model tracks presented here are static images with fixed display windows and no user interactivity. While there is a lot of utility in such images, particularly in terms of viewing or printing images quickly, the Internet increasingly provides interactive experiences with greater flexibility and utility for many users. For the past three hurricane seasons, in addition to the static images, we have provided hurricane model guidance in a form that is readily ingested by both Google Maps and Earth for interactive display. Such products are available for all avaiable track guidance for each of the three basins depicted on this site.

To access these maps for the most popular guidance products, simply choose the "Google Maps Display" from the drop-down menu for each active storm on the front page. A Google Maps display will appear, where the early guidance will load automatically. Both track and position information for each model are available; the position information also includes basic forecast intensity information. Future additions may include revised position icons, a single file for all guidance and/or active storms, and incorporation of other available data sources (such as satellite imagery and reconaissance data).

Both current and archived guidance products are available, although Google Earth is necessary to load all but the current early guidance. The archived files are available from the "Archived Maps" page linked at the top of this page. Simply click to that page, then choose your desired storm. Data are available from late July 2010-onward. The files you are looking for end in ".kml". Simply right click on the desired file, choose "Copy link address..." (or similar), then open Google Earth and paste the address into the address bar.

Disclaimer: The data displayed here are informational only and should NOT be used for making life and death decisions. Always take the word of official sources - the National Hurricane Center and your local National Weather Service office - when preparing for any potential storm impact. If anything on these plots causes confusion, disregard the information in its entirety. The availability, timeliness, and reliability of these data are not guaranteed, and no liability is implied or expressed by your use of this website.

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