Hurricane Forecast Model Output, a product of the Mesoscale Research Group, UW-Milwaukee, Prof. Clark Evans.

Example KML Plot

Example Google Maps Display of Hurricane Dolores (2015) Model Tracks Southwest of Baja California

We convert the National Hurricane Center's Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast (ATCF) model guidance into KML format for end-users who wish to incorporate the data into their dynamic maps. These KML files are configured to depict each model's track with a unique colored line and each twelve-hourly point along the track with a red bulls-eye icon. Clicking on any of the positions will produce a window with the forecast hour, position, and intensity information for that model.

To access the KML file for the most-recent "early" model guidance, simply choose the "KML Output" option (when available) from the drop-down menu for each active storm on the front page. Because we do not maintain an active Google Maps API, you will need to manually input this KML file into Google Maps/Earth or the KML-compatible program of your choice to visualize these data. Real-time KML files for the "late" and "ensemble" model guidance, as well as KML files for all previous forecast cycles, can be obtained from the "Archived Maps" directory for each storm. These files end in .kml and are depicted with a distinct icon from the archived images in the archive directory's file listing.

Disclaimer: The data displayed here are informational only and should NOT be used for making life and death decisions. Always take the word of official sources - the National Hurricane Center and your local National Weather Service office - when preparing for any potential storm impact. If anything on these plots causes confusion, disregard the information in its entirety. The availability, timeliness, and reliability of these data are not guaranteed, and no liability is implied or expressed by your use of this website.

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