Course Fees by Term

This site provides information on fees that are specific to certain courses or classes. These fees fall into two main categories:

  1. Fees in Addition to Regular Tuition – these are additional fees that could include differential tuition, distance education fees, or special course fees. The fee is charged along with regular tuition for the class.
  2. Fees in Place of Regular Tuition – these are fees that represent the only charge for a class. No regular tuition is assessed for the class. The fee is charged to all students enrolled in the class regardless of residency status and does not factor into the tuition plateau.
Please note that fee information is published to this site once finalized. If information for an upcoming term is not available, you may reference the Schedule of Classes to identify if a fee is expected for a particular class and refer back to this site at a later point for the actual fee type and amount.

Additional information on tuition and fees can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

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