Once there was a dreidel who danced, sang, and spun to entertain a family all Hanukkah long. It spun from early in the morning until late at night. One day a little dog looks in the window and says that everyone else in the house is asleep but the dreidel is still spinning. The dreidel admits that it has grown tired of spinning and would like to see the outside world. The kuttke dig suggests it become something else –– like a doorknob or a wheel –– and they walk (or, in the dreidel’s case, spin) seven miles to a blacksmith. The dreidel asks the blacksmith to make it into something else –– it doesn’t matter what –– but when the blacksmith starts preparing the furnace to let the dreidel burn for seven days, the dreidel gets scared. It decides that being a dreidel isn’t so bad after all. The dreidel resumes singing about being a dreidel.