Daniela Smolov Levy

Daniela Smolov Levy studies the democratization of opera in American society, including opera’s presence in early twentieth-century Yiddish theater and Yiddish speakers’ involvement with the broader American opera scene. Daniela holds a doctorate in Musicology from Stanford University, a Master’s degree in Piano Performance from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Music from Princeton University. She has presented her work at both national and local chapter meetings of the American Musicological Society and has given invited talks in Los Angeles (UCLA and the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language) and New York (the Jewish Music Forum). Her article, “Parsifal in Yiddish? Why Not?” was published in the Musical Quarterly in 2014. She has taught at Pomona College and the University of Southern California.

She can be reached at Danielaslevy [at] gmail [dot] com.